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When it comes to optimizing health and performance there is no such thing as “one size fits” all. All of our programs are tailored to meet the specific health and performance needs of an organization. You set the outcomes and we deliver the customized content and value.

Our programs always get results.

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Resiliency, Health, and Mental Well-being Training

An organization is only as strong and as successful as its team members. Therefore, enhancing and strengthening team members’ health, resilience, and mental wellbeing is key.

When you are thriving mentally, emotionally, and physically, your team will thrive too. Investing in an employee health education program is a strategic way an organization can build more resilient, healthy, resourceful, and engaged employees. These results will, in turn, yield invaluable dividends to the organization by way of increased productivity, decreased illness time, and an enhanced work environment.

The following offers a sneak peak at Tailor Making Health’s training programs. These programs have a proven track record in assisting organizations and their employees improve their overall health and wellbeing. All sessions can be delivered online or in person. 

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Introduction to Mental Fitness for First Responders

Three hours of on-site training where first responders will be introduced to the core fundamentals of Mental Fitness.

Participation in this session provides the foundation for “Mind Mastery for First Responders: Mental Fitness and Resiliency Training for High Performance and Improved Health and Wellbeing”

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover the core drivers that impact the way we interpret our outside world
  • Understand how our psychology (how we think) constantly “infects and affects” our physiology and vice versa
  • Gain easy to use cross contextual (can be used in any role in life) tools and strategies to easily overcome any challenge, build resiliency, and navigate change
  • Discover the core fundamentals for mental fitness and resiliency in firefighting

 This session provides a low cost and high value opportunity for firefighters to be introduced to Tailor Making Health’s content and training format. All participants will take away strategies that they can immediately apply to their life both on and off their job.

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Mind Mastery for First Responders

18-hours of onsite immersion training where first responders will receive comprehensive proactive training and skill development in mental fitness and resiliency to foster mental preparedness on and off the job. In addition, skills to build leadership, improve communication, create health changes, and foster team cohesion will be provided

Learning Outcomes:

  • Improve outlook and performance
  • Overcome negative thinking and self defeating patterns
  • Enhance personal ownership and accountability
  • Improve communication and leadership skills
  • Learn how to re-frame and process incidents
  • Gain strategies to effectively manage your state (emotions) and decrease stress

This program can be delivered in a variety of formats for your organization.  Call 250-744-4770 or email for more information.