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“Our minds, like our bodies, respond to training.”

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Customized training sessions that are high impact and designed to transform the capabilities of individuals and teams of people. We provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization.


Individual solutions focused coaching sessions designed to help you get the  results and success that you are after. A powerful and personalized way to advance yourself quickly – in any area. 


“Dynamic” “Inspiring” “Powerful” are a few words that folks have used to describe Sara as a speaker. She is available to inspire, motivate, and invigorate your next (online or in-person) meeting or event.


Sara Wegwitz - Registered Nurse, BC

Sara Wegwitz

Registered Nurse

Erickson Certified Professional Coach

Resiliency Trainer 

Sara Wegwitz is a Registered Nurse with a niche in  resiliency training, health and mental wellbeing education and performance coaching. Think of her as a personal trainer for the mind. She is a highly sought after strategist, presenter, educator, and facilitator with a reputation for being inspiring, dynamic, and knowledgeable.

Corporate Health and Wellness Program Success Story

The Oak Bay Fire Department continues to lead and model the way for other organizations on what a successful, flexible, and sustainable health and wellness program can achieve in the workplace.

Now in their 7th year, these first responders continue to be on an upward trend in improving how they eat, move, sleep and think.

Oak Bay Firefighters have said about our program to date:

“More awareness about personal health; taking more personal responsibility”

“Increased openness to talking about mental health amongst crews and between guys”

“That we are trailblazers. One of the first local departments to have a fully functioning and sustainable Wellness Fitness Initiative”

“Our program is inclusive”

“We have had continued support from both management and membership; all see that this program is a priority”

Check out the white paper to see what results the department achieved in it’s first year.


What Clients Say About Sara and Tailor Making Health


“Sara Wegwitz creates unique training programs that fit our culture. They provide simple, easy, and pragmatic tools that build mental resilience and mental fitness, improve communication, and enhance leadership skills. We will continue with the excellent preventative modelling that Sara provides through her training sessions.”

Paul Bruce

Fire Chief, City of Victoria


“Cold Star Solutions hired Sara to help our team of supervisors and managers understand change management and how to support their staff through some major projects. Sara did an amazing job tailoring the learning objectives to our group, was warm, inviting, inclusive and most importantly – clear and direct! We were so impressed that we are now working with Sara on creating bi-weekly lunch and learn sessions as a way to enhance the knowledge we gained from her initial session!”

Jennifer Hawes

Human Resources, Cold Star Solutions


“The results of her work have been nothing short of astonishing. She’s consistently able to find strategic approaches to give our athletes the mental tools and confidence they need to overcome their performance challenges (not to mention the other challenges they face in their lives). Through her efforts, our teams have transformed themselves into World Champions with multiple gold medals. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to take their sport, their career, or their life to the next level. Thank you Sara!”

Tom Arnold

Head Coach, Vancouver Island Paddling


 “I have dealt with depression, anxiousness, self-doubt and fear of the unknown at varying levels for almost as long as I can remember. She gave me real tools to cope with my insecurities, and helped me build my confidence over the few months we spent working together.I can honestly say that every single session with Sara was incredibly valuable, and that I am deeply grateful for her kindness and professionalism. I would highly encourage anyone seeking concrete tools and techniques for tackling life’s challenges to get in touch with Sara. It’s a lot of work, but the results have been, at least in my experience, outstanding.”


Performance Coaching Client


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