The Art of Semantics

AwesomeI am a big fan and fully support the art of semantics. What I do know is that words and thoughts create and shape our realities. They are the core ingredients that have the biggest impact on our identity and how we choose to define ourselves. The words and thoughts we choose consistently when strung together create our life story and its meaning. We are our own authors for this human experience and can be quite the clever storytellers! No one else or thing is responsible for where we are in our life currently. It is time for a reality check. Surrender to what is…

Awareness always precedes new choices. I invite you to step into awareness and simply observe the words and thoughts you use and replace them with the following suggestions:

1. Replace each “I have to…” or “I should…” with “I choose…”

2. Replace your ‘but’ with ‘and’

3. When you catch yourself running the auto default thought patterns such as the ‘too’ excuses (too busy, too tired, too stressed, too much going on) use different adjectives. Get creative. We have over 3000 adjectives to use in the English language; open up your semantic palette and create something new. Next time someone asks “How’s life or how are you?” Instead of giving the default “Busy.” Or a perennial favourite “Tired.” Why not try on “Life is full and lively!” Change up the meaning.

Doing these seemingly small steps can lead to great results. They will help shift your thought patterns, train your brain to think in a different way, AND will also positively impact your physiology.