Play and Lead with Heart

motivational-posters-innovationI was asked by a friend who shares a common enthusiasm for reading and personal development “What book was your most influential as a young person?”  Being someone who has read many great and inspiring books I had a scotoma (a.k.a. brain fart). The more I chewed over that question and focused on “Book. What book was it?” the more the answer evaded me.


While walking back to the office it hit me. It wasn’t a book after all it was my high school music teacher Mr. C.

THE most influential mentor to me at that time…I learned so much more than music theory or how to play a ‘run’. Life like music IS improvisation; play and lead with HEART and you’ll never play a ‘bad’ note. I learned what is possible at the intersection of passion, purpose, and perseverance. Heart is right at the centre of it.

Following what is true for you, those intuitive or ‘gut feelings’ is your heart whispering to you and it is revealing what you need to express or which path to follow. You will never be led astray by following its words and gentle nudges. Trust it even when and most especially when it doesn’t make logical sense. The best kind of music happens when your heart leads you. “The professionals don’t need sheet music.”- Mr. C.

Mr. C’s influence during all of those early morning and afternoon practices and of course gigs still follows me today. That time in my life and those experiences set me on such a different path even way back then. Each time I step out onto a stage or in front of a large crowd I can hear his encouraging voice. “Play and lead with your heart!”

I invite you to do the same.