How to Stay Motivated

Easy – Celebrate your small wins FREQUENTLY

This mental ninja move is a super quick and easy strategy that has some hidden positive benefits .

Every time you make a positive choice (went to the gym even when you didn’t want to go; chose that healthy option at lunch; exchanged negative self-talk for a more positive approach) celebrate by doing those things you do when you know you’ve done something great. For example it might be saying or thinking “Nailed it!”; “THAT was awesome!”; “Oh yeah!” with a fist pump.

Each time you choose to celebrate – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant you think the thing was – you release the feel good neuro chemical dopamine.

Doing this not only makes you feel good it also lights up your reward circuitry in your brain triggering you to do more of that same activity.

A quick and FREE way to keep momentum, stay motivated, and on track with your goals. Win/win!

“Our minds like our bodies respond to training. “