Bring Your Own Oars

Are you waiting and pacing the shore of your life for that ‘bigger and better’ easy solution boat to come along and rescue you even though a boat is right in front of you?

If yes, I wonder what would happen if you committed to taking a chance on yourself, found your oars again, launched that boat and did your own work to get you where you want to go?

There are many ‘quick fixes’ out there that promise to take you to destinations of wealth, health, weight loss, self-worth, spirituality (feel free to insert your own here) with speed and the least amount of discomfort.

Sure the ‘quick fixes’ can be achievable yet are they really sustainable?

As a common quip insists what you resist persists.

Upon yielding to the ‘easy way’ and arriving at the next destination you will most likely still have the same inner emotional struggles and self-sabotaging thought patterns as you did before.  There will be new characters there and yet in time they will remind you of the people at your last place.  Sound familiar?

Here is the solution and the challenge.

Your behaviours cannot change in a sustainable way until your belief systems shift first.  The latter of course takes more energy and effort and yet what you know is that anything worth having takes effort right?!

There is so much humility, grace, growth, wonder, and compassion to be gained by doing your own work.  You get to wear your growth and including the callouses with pride as you discover new destinations and surprises along unchartered shorelines and open water.  These marks of growth symbolize just how far you have come in letting go of your past and remind you of how liberating it is when you do your own work.

They remind you that you are powerful beyond measure.

I can say with certainty that doing your work and powering your own way to what you want may not be easy and may be downright scary at times; it will also be totally worth it!

I invite you to bring your own oars and push off from your safe shores.  A renewed you is waiting to be claimed.

I will be looking for you out on the water.

And if you have temporarily forgotten how to use your oars connect with me; I will be happy to show you how to use them again and even show you a few tricks.