5 Strategies to Help You Master Your Mind

lightbulbAlexandr TikkiflickrOur minds like our bodies respond to training.  Get back control of your mental real estate by incorporating any one of these strategies.  Never underestimate the power that these seemingly small tools when used with consistency can produce.  Becoming mentally fit is a lot like physical fitness; it is based on the consistency in which you practice and train.  Here are 5 mini mind ‘workouts’ to get you started.

CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE Most stress comes from arguing with your reality and focusing on things that are outside of your control. You cannot control other people, the weather, other drivers etc. What you can do is change how you interpret your world; change your attitude and change the meaning you associate to the event/environment/ people. This is your circle of influence; your locus of control. Get back in the driver’s seat of your life by choosing to consistently focus on what is in your circle of influence.

BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND – So often we get busy with the ‘doing’ aspects of our goals.  We neglect creating the BIG picture – with clarity and the who we are ‘being’ once our goal is achieved.  Flexing that imagination muscle is your key to unlocking your limitless potential AND achieving the sustainable progress and results you are after. Focus on what you want to have happen. When thinking about your compelling future here is a question to help you get started: If money were no object and you were guaranteed success, what would it be that you would most want to do? Spend 5 minutes a day visualizing and experiencing your compelling future.  Leverage that amazing visual brain of yours. What you think about you bring about.

“I CHOOSE…” – The words we use to think and speak on a daily basis shape and create our reality.  These words define, reinforce, and at times confine how we perceive our outside world.  So often we ‘should’ all over ourselves. Everything we do in life is by choice; there are no have tos or shoulds (even if you think there are). When we make a conscious effort to say “I choose…” it changes our perspective; keeps us empowered and in the driver’s seat of our lives. Each time you catch yourself saying or thinking “I should…” or “I have to…” or “I need to…” STOP and replace with “I choose…” Choice is our greatest gift.

 THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE; JUST FEEDBACK OR RESULTS – Therefore, you can do no wrong. Either you get what you want or the lesson that you need. Often times, the lesson comes a lot more quickly than you expect. No matter what happens you get an opportunity to grow and learn.  Talk about a win/win! Choose to make this a guiding principle in your life and take imperfect action now.

CULTIVATE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE – DAILY – The fastest way to go from scarcity thinking to an abundant mindset is via gratitude. You can’t feel grateful and sad, stressed, upset etc. at the same time (go ahead and try!). Practicing gratitude each day and in any moment you are in an un-resourceful state experiencing a negative charged emotion can shift your attitude and perspective in a nanosecond.

“Tiny tweaks to how you think over time lead to extraordinary results!” – SWegwitz