30 Seconds to Calm, Relaxed, and Focused

Stress, worry, and distractions seem to prevail in our modern day lives.  We get stuck in this cycle and sometimes feel there is no way out.

However, our minds, like our bodies, respond to training.

You can begin to start leveraging that powerful brain of yours by using this simple and easy strategy to become more calm, relaxed, and focused in as little as thirty seconds.

It is a great strategy to employ:

  • just before starting a new task or learning
  • interrupting an unproductive thought pattern e.g. worry
  • to center yourself and be more present
  • to prepare for time trials or a competition.

Use it as often as you like and repeat if necessary.  You can achieve the same results with your eyes closed.

Tiny tweaks to HOW you think when consistently applied lead to extraordinary results.